known as Moffatt LINDNER

Born in Birmingham into a wealthy family, Moffatt Lindner studied at the Slade under Alphonse LEGROS, and at Heatherleys in London. He married Augusta BAIRD-SMITH ('Gussie'), and was a key figure in success of STISA, commanding great respect in St Ives (and nationally and internationally). In 1932 he invited Membership from all artists who lived, or had lived, in the area. He only retired from the presidency of STISA when he was ninety-three years old, and throughout his life he promoted the interests of STISA and supported it in every way.

From 1889, he exhibited at the Paris Salons, an early painting, Saint Ives Trawlers (1895), depicting his engagement with Cornwall. He won the Medal of Paris in 1900.  His final submission (11 in all) to Paris was in 1929, and that was Eaux dormantes, Saint Ives.

A great interest of Lindner's was fly-fishing, a passion he shared with Lamorna BIRCH.  He also sent-in work to be exhibited at NAG in the 1930s;  At that stage, STISA numbered some one-hundred strong and included many RAs.

He painted in France and Italy in addition to London and Cornwall, and his watercolours, with their atmospheric effects, were both masterly and influential. His paintings in watercolour of Venice are especially noteworthy.


Landscape and marine painter in watercolour and oils

works and access

Works include: Saint Ives Trawlers (1895); Approaching Storm (1914); Low Tide, Bosham (1920); The Cumulus Cloud (1919); At Night with the Herring Fleet at Sea (1912); Storm Clouds, Bosham (1912) ; The Mass at Dordrecht; The Dawn, VeniceSunshine After Rain (1913); Venetian Study (1913); Venetian study (1914); Venetian scenes (1915); Moonlight over St Ives (1919); Rain Clouds, Bosham (1920); Bayonnee (1920); Sunset at Sea (1920); Boats on the Mass, Holland (1920); San Georgio Maggiore, Venice (1920); Ronda (1926); Breezy Day, Etaples (1928) 

Access to work: Barcelona (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya); Bradford; Brighton; Cheltenham; Dublin; Hull; Walker, Liverpool; Oldham; Wellington, New Zealand


Paris Salons (11) 1889-1929

RA (11) from 1880: 1900, 1914, 1919, 1920

Royal West of England Society 1919

SS (12)


NWS (3)

Grafton Galleries (7)

NG (7)


Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg 1912

St Ives 1912, March 1913, Summer Permanent exhibition 1913, January 1914; Lanham's February 1914, March 1915, June 1917, March 1919, July 1919, December 1919, March Show Day 1920; works for London Galleries March 1920; works for RA Spring Exhibition April 1920,  March 1923, March,1924, Summer 1928; Porthmeor Gallery

RCPS September 1920; 

NAG Revival Exhibition September 1920, December  1924, December 1925, December, 1926, Summer 1928, July 1932; Fine Arts Gallery November 1913

Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Piccadilly October 1915

Plymouth Art Gallery  November 1917

Burlington House, London May 1920


STIAC 1898 (President 1912-18)



STISA 1927-49 (President 1927-45)


misc further info



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