A former nun (and a niece of Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin) who came to some fame when she wrote I Leap Over the Wall (1949), which was her autobiographical 'return to the world after twenty-eight years in a convent' (sub-title). This book, published by Hamish Hamilton, went through at least 10 impressions, selling around the world.

She arrived in Cornwall in the late 1940s and moved into a cottage, described by her as 'my Cottage-in-the-Clouds' (Trevelioc) just below Flagstaff Cottage at Lamorna.  She was attracted to the artistic community and particularly Samuel John Lamorna BIRCH, taking some painting lessons with him. According to his daughter, Mornie BIRCH, her father found Baldwin quite irritating.

She continued to write, and in the late 1950s published a novel based on her life as a nun: The Called and the Chosen. By the 1960s she had moved away to the Channel Islands, where she subsequently died by her own hand.



Painter in watercolour and gouache

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Access to works: Elizabeth Treffry Collection, Trevelyan House, Penzance (books and personal file)





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Baldwin  (1949) I Leap Over the Wall (Autobiography; frontispiece photograph of author)

                 (1958) The Called and the Chosen: The diary of Sister Ursula Auberon, Enclosed Nun at the Abbaye de la Sainte Croix, Framleghen

Wormleighton (1995) A Painter Laureate, Lamorna Birch and his circle

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