Moreen MOSS

Moreen MOSS

Moreen Moss was born in Woolwich. From an early age she demonstrated a talent for needlework. While studying at Sidcup School of Art she supported herself by designing and making haute couture clothes. After marriage to Bernard MOSS in 1948, the couple moved to Mevagissey in east Cornwall, where her husband set up a pottery. They had seven children and with remarkable energy Moreen found the time not only to decorate Bernard's pots, but also to pursue her love of painting. In 1955 Moreen and Bernard were filmed by British Pathe at work together in the pottery.

Moreen exhibited for many years with the NSA and was also an associate of the Penwith Gallery. Her work is described as 'allegorical rather than figurative'. Her work was also shown in galleries in London. During the 1980s she became involved in teaching adult education art classes. Influenced by Marc Chagall and David Bomberg, and fascinated by the Jewish traditions which had been part of her husband's upbringing, she incorporated Hebraic imagery into her paintings, many of which are naive in style.

In the 1990s she resumed her studies, this time at Falmouth College of Arts, graduating with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2002, aged 74. She began to incorporate a variety of materials into her work, including stitching. Her work has always been popular, with many examples held in private collections in Europe, Israel and America.

Moreen Moss was painting until shortly before her death from cancer in February 2012. Described as 'inspirational, fair and generous', she had great compassion for those on the margins of society. Bernard died in September 2012. The couple are survived by their seven children, 18 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.



Painter in oil, mixed media

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