Newlyn ENAMEL Studio

Newlyn ENAMEL Studio

Instruction was given by Reginald Thomas DICK in enamelling in the same premises as used by the coppersmiths. Mrs Lionel BIRCH (Constance Mary BIRCH) said in 1907 ' a quiet little quadrangle round a flower set court, in studios under the windows of which the surf dashes up and breaks - one finds the flashing beauty of sapphire and topaz and amethyst in the enamels of Mr Dick; and the ring of hammer on beaten metal as copper and silver and brass are fashioned into forms of quaint and beautiful designs under the direction of Mr John Drew MacKENZIE.' 

The work of the Class was sold alongside Newlyn Copper. Newlyn enamels were available on the work of Newlyn Coppersmiths, but it is better known as jewellery. The jewellery is quite often of Art Nouveau design, with the most common motifs being shells, fish and flowers set in elaborate Art Nouveau silver mounts. Some pendants have fine handmade chains set with moonstones. Most, but not all, pieces are stamped NEWLYN or NEWLYN ENAMEL, and larger pieces such as buckles may be hallmarked.

By that time, however, the Art Nouveau style was out of date and many pieces were sold off cheaply at a sale at Pauls in Penzance(!); needless to say it is now eagerly sought by collectors.  It is not known when production ceased, but as late as 1927 it was still being advertised as available.


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NAG 1924-1928, including December 1925 (Jewellery and Enamels), December 1926 (Craft section)

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