A newly established art school (2011) in the Old Board School, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn. The plan is to offer short courses in a wide variety of subjects in oil painting, printmaking, drawing, stone carving, professional development and art history. The courses are being led by skilled and experienced artists who live and work locally.

Tutors' notes, Newlyn Art School (on-line 2011)

Building on the long tradition of teaching art and its practice in West Cornwall (Forbes School, St Ives School of Art, the Holiday Sketching Group of Charles BREAKER, and many other 'schools' set up by individual artists, such as Bernard EVANS in more modern times), the new school is being initiated by Henry GARFIT, Founder/Director, alongside 15 of his artist colleagues.

Underwritten and supported by the expertise of museums and galleries of the district, this is a most welcome addition to the portfolio of cultural institutions benefiting the area and the artists.


Painting, printmaking, sculpture, art history and professional art development.

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Tutors' notes, Newlyn Art School (on-line 2011)

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