Norman Stuart CLARKE

Norman Stuart CLARKE

Born in Essex, the artist gained a BA(Hons) degree in glass and ceramics at Middlesex Polytechnic (1976). In the early 1980s, Norman Stuart Clarke and his family moved from London to West Cornwall. He had been working with the glass-blowing studios of Peter Leyton and others in the East End.

His first studio was established at Praze an Beeble near Camborne, where he set up his kilns, demonstrated his work on open days and exhibited his beautifully blown and coloured art glass. The beautiful effects he was able to achieve reminded of Tiffany and beyond into creations avidly collected by aficionados of handmade-blown glass, vases, bowls, paperweights and sculptures. By the 1990s Clark moved his studio to nearby St Erth, turning out an impressive volume of work, and taking student-apprentices.

He was always generous in his willingness to display the techniques he employed, and also in his gifts to charitable auctions and sales of work. Norman left Cornwall in 2004 to live and work in France, and since that time has moved again, the latest notice being Romania.



Maker and designer of studio glass

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Glass-blowing studios: Praze an Beeble, and St Erth, Cornwall from 1982-2004

Three Spires Festival (Inspire 2) Truro, 1987

'Craft Work' Exhibition, NAG 1988

Mixed exhibitions, and many charitable donations

2004: WCAA Founding Art Auction, Queens Hotel, Penzance



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Hardie (1995) 100 Years in Newlyn/Diary of a Gallery

Inspire 2 1987: Exhibition catalogue, photo and artist statement

W H Lane Auction Sales Catalogue 23 Apr 2004 WCAA