Parke Custis DOUGHERTY

Parke Curtis DOUGHERTY

Philadelphia-born (US) painter of genre, landscape and marine subjects, and portraits in oils. He studied at Académie Julian, and he was resident in Paris from 1906-9.

His association with Cornwall is with the artists of St Ives, and Tovey notes his visits, referring to him as Paul (from 1908 until 1914, though not thereafter, even though he remained a ratepayer for some years).

Johnson & Greutzner lists two artists who may qualify as this person; one is Paul DOUGHERTY who exhibited in 1925 at the Chenil Gallery, and the second is Parke CURTIS, who is identified as being an American. The query remains as to whether or not this is one person or two separate artists; further information is thus required.


Painter in oils of genre, landscape and marine subjects; portrait artist


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