Peregrine Mulvogue FEENEY

Peregrine Mulvogue FEENEY

Birmingham-born, (29 November 1837 GRO), his father was a bookseller and stationer, and also, according to Tovey, a newspaper reporter in Birmingham. He was the brother-in-law (their wives were sisters) of the artist J W WATERHOUSE RA (1849-1917).

Benezit reports that he attended the Carey Academy, and also frequented the RA Schools.  Between 1882-1912, Feeney exhibited and lived in a variety of locations, including addresses in London (1882, 1906), Devon (1892) and Norfolk (1909), and Bednar notes an 1883 title A Breezy Morning at Newlyn exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool which indicates earlier work in Newlyn.

The Liverpool exhibition in 1883 was the same show in which Walter LANGLEY, also from the circle of Birmingham painters who 'discovered' Newlyn as a painterly place, exhibited Pembroke Lodge, a painting of the house where he lived.   Feeney exhibited A Sketch at Newlyn from a London address in Birmingham in 1885.

Feeney died aged 75 on 24 June 1913 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (GRO).  He was described as 'Of independent means'. Tovey also notices that Feeney contributed significantly to the building-up of a 'decent' sized library at the St Ives Arts Club in 1899.  All of this together indicates a long, even if sporadic, association with West Cornwall art and artists.


Landscape and coastal painter

works and access

Works include: A Breezy Morning at Newlyn (1883); A Sketch at Newlyn (1885)

Access to work: Museum of Birmingham


 Walker Gallery, Liverpool 1882-1912, 1883

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RA (4)

ROI (2)


Bednar (1880-1900)


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