Phyllis Tiel JORDAN

Miss Phyllis Tiel JORDAN
d aft

Her address for her RA exhibit of 1928 records her as working at Darlington, although she applied for, and was elected to, STISA in June of 1930, when she had come with her father, Joseph Tiel JORDAN, to work in St Ives.  During their stay, their address was listed as Flagstaff Cottage, Lamorna, indicating that they were staying with the Birch family at the time.

Like her father, she was one of the twenty-two artists invited to represent STISA in their show at Plymouth in 1931. The two departed St Ives in 1932 due to his ill health, though she continued her membership until 1938, by which time Phyllis was living in Leicester and ceased her STISA membership shortly thereafter.


Painter of still life and landscapes in watercolour


RA (1) 1928; 

Harris and Sons, Plymouth 1931 (representing STISA)

STISA 1932 Touring Show


STISA 1930-38


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