Pownoll William PHIPPS

Pownoll William PHIPPS


A great, great grandson writes:

'Last year (2011) the Water Society of Ireland published their history in a book called The Silent Companion. One of the founders of the Society was Henrietta Phipps of Oaklands Clonmel, the home of my Great Great Grandfather.

Her nephew Pownoll William Phipps apparently spent time in Truro 1853-1854 and took lessons from landscape and coastal painter James George PHILP RI who lived at Falmouth. It is thought he passed on what he learned to his Aunt. (I think he was training for the Priesthood and was studying under the guidance of the Bishop of Truro).'

Pownoll is also the author in 1877 of the Family Book of Prayers

Whether or not he pursued his art studies or exhibited his work in any fashion (illustration, etc.) is not known. It may be unlikely, however, because he became the Vicar of Chalfont St Giles. In the 1890s he published for private circulation with the Bentley Brothers Publishers, a book of family history being the life of his father, Colonel Pownoll Phipps.  



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