Born in Hampstead, London, Rachel Nicholson did not begin to paint until 1975, though she grew up surrounded by the accoutrements of art and the finished subjects made by her parents, Ben NICHOLSON and his second wife, Barbara HEPWORTH. Drawing on these experiences, she developed a great interest in still life and the arrangement of objects, which she portrays on her canvases.


works and access

Works incl: Two patterned mugs (2004) acrylic; Still life with green & blue (2003) acrylic; A Barnaloft flat (2001) acrylic, all 3 shown at 'golden age' exhibition, Falmouth in 2008; Arrangement of Five (illus Whybrow)


Great Atlantic Publications & Clark Art Ltd (2008) The golden age of Cornish art

Whybrow (1996) Another View, Art in St Ives (photo portrait & b&w illus)