Richard Malcolm LLOYD

Richard Malcolm LLOYD
aka Malcolm LLOYD

Born on 4 July 1855 in London - and dying there 89 years later on 1 July, 1945 (GRO) - Lloyd's first name was not Robert but Richard (Bednar has been responsible for this discovery, as many references have previously indicated otherwise).  Also, the date usually given for his demise (1899) is considerably askew and probably reflects Woods' fl dates of 1879-99.  In the Edgbastonia (Ref: Edwin HARRIS biography), it is noted that Lloyd shared a house in Newlyn with Harris and eight other artists in 1881.

Lloyd concentrated on coastal areas including Devon, Kent and Cornwall, and is enjoying something of a current revival. His address for the RBA in 1881-82 was in Newlyn, and his View of Penzance (watercolour, 1880) was gifted in 2000 to Penlee House, Penzance.  Another of St Michael's Mount was sold at Sotheby's in 2000. Two of his titles at the RA were The Coast of Cornwall and A Squally Night.

A correspondent in 2019 has advised us that the RBA list of exhibitors gives R Malcolm's address as 4 Essex Villas, Ravensbourne Park, Catford Bridge, London at the time he was in Newlyn (see above). This suggests he was visiting Newlyn rather than resident there.


Painter of landscapes and marine subjects

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Works include: View of Penzance (1880); St Michael's Mount; The Coast of Cornwall; A Squally Night


Glasgow Institute (3)

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RBA (31)

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