Robert ADAMS

Robert ADAMS

Originating from Northampton, he became a St Ives exhibitor in 1955, when he began to exhibit nationally and internationally, and taught sculpture at the Central School of Arts and Crafts until about 1960.  He visited West Cornwall in the 1950s, moving around with the circle that included Denis MITCHELL, Patrick HERON, Wilhelmina BARNS-GRAHAM, and Roger LEIGH. Davies notes that Adams 'considered a move to St Ives in 1968 but had been discouraged by the distance from London.'  He had already spent a year in his student days working in St Ives, and later was to rent a St Ives cottage (1975-6) while teaching sculpture at Falmouth College of Art.


Abstract artist and designer/creator of monumental works; sculptor in wood and a variety of metals (steel, brass, iron and bronze), lithographer, teacher

works and access

Works include: Three Forms (1951), Copper sculpture (in Paisnel Cat 2009)


Gimpel Fils (Solo Exhib) 1951 

Oxford (Black Hall, St Giles) Seven British Contemporary Artists 1952 

St Ives, Heals Mansard Gallery 1955

Whitechapel This is Tomorrow 1956

Paisnel Gallery, London Post-War & St Ives Exhibition (sculpture No. 26) 2009


Penwith Society of Arts


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