Rodney 'Bran' BLUNSDON

Bran Blunsdon describes himself: 'Ancient artist hiding away from the real world in the the far west of the ancient country of Cornwall UK A mid-life crisis for most men is a younger woman, a faster car or some such change ---- for me it has meant leaving my job in management, selling my modern home and running away to the country and a 500 year old ruin of a cottage that was in need of serious work (and has taken me ten years to repair and restore) ----and of course my studio in hearing distance of the surf crashing on to the rocks and views from both sides out into the countryside. I may be poorer but I am a damn sight happier, painting as and when I feel like it or working on three dimensional works outside when the weather allows!

Most of my painted works are informed and inspired by the countryside around me, the ancient stone circles, standing stones and sacred places that resonate with mystery and power. Many of these paintings end up (around the world) in the homes or offices of people that understand or feel the power of these places so that inspires me even more.

Would I go back to my old life, never! My only stress now is the fear of the blank canvas if I take to long a break and that is a minor thing while I hide here away from the "real" world!'




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Works include:

Red Landscape, Oil on canvas 100x75cm

Solstice Morn, Inspired by spending time around the solstice in Glastonbury, landscape oil

Men an Tol, Oil on Canvas 100x75


Open Studios Cornwall 2013



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