Rosalie 'Daisy' GILL

Rosalie Lorraine (aka Daisy) GILL

Known as Daisy, American-born Rosalie Gill arrived in St Ives in 1887. She spent much time in Newlyn, where she enjoyed the theatrical productions of the Newlyn artists, contributing an oil painting to the West Cornwall Art Union exhibition in Penzance in September that year.  She eventually returned to St Ives in 1890, and exhibited a St Ives title at the 1893 Chicago World Columbian Exposition.  She died in Paris in 1898.



works and access

Works include: Twilight on St Ives Bay (1893)


West Cornwall Art Union exhibition, Penzance (1) September 1887

Chicago World Columbian Exposition (1) 1893


Bednar (3rd edition 2009) Every Corner was a Picture

Tovey (2008) St Ives Art pre-1890: The Dawn of the Colony