A long-time house painter and decorator with a difference, Callow, honing his considerable skills on life-size buildings in London and elsewhere (including a 2-year stint working on No 10, Downing Street), developed his architectural artistry by turning to landscape, cityscape and fascias in miniature.  The miniature fascias are of buildings, barns, houses of international design including Shaker houses, New England and Mid-West American barns, as well as historic Bath frontages (Royal Crescent) and paintings of the Thames landscapes at evening and at dawn.

His pen, charcoal and pencil drawings are free-forms of geometric and technological features which ask complex questions of the viewer.

In 2007, Callow collaborated on the construction and decorative execution of the Dwellings Bookcase, working with the author Melissa HARDIE to create an installation work for the 'Exquisite Trove' exhibition at NAG (July-October, 2010).  His studio is located in Redruth, Cornwall.


Painting, drawing, collage; constructed artworks

works and access

Works include: Dwellings Bookcase

Access to works: Trevelyan House, Chapel Street, Penzance, Cornwall


Open Studios Cornwall 2011; 2012



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