Samuel Green ENDERBY

Samuel Green ENDERBY

Born in Boston, Lincolnshire (27 August, 1860 GRO), the artist was lodging in 1891 at 44 Trewarveneth Street (Olive Villa) in the parish of St Peters, Newlyn, in the same house as Henry Meynell RHEAM.  Prior to coming to Cornwall he had lived in London and Boston in Lincolnshire.

He spent five or six years in Newlyn, and during this time had three paintings accepted at RA. He had considerable success in portraiture, with seven further RA exhibits. In 1904 he was assisting John Henry Alphonse DA COSTA in offering drawing, painting and pastel lessons for young ladies in Kensington. He died on 7 October, 1921, age 61, in London (GRO).


Painter of genre and portraits

works and access

Works include: A Portrait; Two Love Stories


LI (5)

MC (11)

SPP (5)

RA (10)

Whitechapel 1902


1891 Census


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