Shigeyoshi ICHINO

Shigeyoshi ICHINO
'Shige' (nickname in Cornwall)

Ichino was born in Tachikui, Japan and studied at Kansai University.  Janet LEACH had stayed with his family and worked with him when she studied in Japan from 1954 to 1955. She invited and encouraged him, with his family, to come and work at the LEACH POTTERY which he did between 1969-1973.  This was of great benefit, due to his status as a fully trained traditional Japanese potter. While in Europe he also directed the construction of a kiln for the Atelier de Cep in Villenauxe, France.

He returned to London (1981) for a joint exhibition with Janet Leach at the Amalgam Art Gallery.


Ceramics, sculpture

works and access

Works incl:  Monument, Sasayamaguchi National Railway Station, Japan


1981: Amalgam Art Gallery, London

1990: Hyogo artists craftsmen exhibition, Winner of the Kobe Newspaper Award

Exhibited extensively all over Japan


Digital Museum of Cornish Ceramics, 2004

Whybrow (2006) The Leach Legacy