Mrs Meredith Sophie D'OUSELEY Meredith RWE

Born in Co Waterford, Ireland, the artist is known to have studied at the Penzance School of Art and Heatherleys, and to have exhibited at the RCPS at Falmouth in 1889-90. In private ownership are a number of her watercolours, inserted into large notebooks, depicting European cityscapes. More recently, three of her works of Australia have been listed on the Australian Arts Sales Digest as sold.

From about 1902 she came to went to live in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, and married William Meredith. In 1927 she moved to Burton on Trent, subsequently living in Keynsham with her daughter and son-in-law, where she died in 1932.

Sophie was well-travelled on the continent and elsewhere, and was particularly well known for her landscapes of Belgium, Italy, and interiors of Cathedrals. One of her paintings is of Truro Cathedral, and belongs to the collection there.

She was commissioned to paint a miniature landscape, as several of the Cornish artists were, for ‘a famous Dolls’ House’ (Queen Mary's Dolls House). 








Painter of landscapes in watercolour

works and access

Truro Cathedral, Cornwall; 


RWE (60)


Royal West of England Academician

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 A Canadian correspondent (2014) sent reference to the following work: 

I have a watercolour by this artist with the following inscription on a label 
on the back. "No. 6 / Woods in Spring Time / Longford's Lake near Nailsworth, 
Glo'shire by Mrs. Sophie D'Ouseley Meredith, ARWA/ 
Clarendon/Nailsworth/Glo'shire" " A smiling nook of green and golden shade - 
W. E. Henley".


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private collector