Theresa Rion ABELL

Theresa Rion ABELL

American student-daughter (art and drama) of Hanna Rion Ver BECK from a previous marriage, and member of STIAC. Arriving in St Ives with her mother and stepfather, Frank Ver BECK, in the summer of 1913, she was a beautiful young girl who appealed strongly to the artists' groups as a potential model. Mabel Maud DOUGLAS painted a portrait of her [Plate 36, Tovey 2009] and her likeness is also presented as Fig 3.69 in that same work.  She married Captain C Bernard Trewhella of St Ives (1918) and died in the aftermath of the birth of their second child at Woking. She is buried at Zennor Churchyard, Cornwall, as her brother-in-law, William Harold Rosewall Trewhella, was the Vicar there at the time of her death.


Style/medium/teachers unknown




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