Thomas Swainson CROXFORD

Thomas Swainson CROXFORD
fl 1876-1884

A cousin of William Edward CROXFORD, who also hailed from Brentford, Middlesex, Thomas Swainson Croxford exhibited at the RA, SS and elsewhere. Wood notices that, like his possible relation, his subjects were mainly of Cornwall (and in his case the Isle of Man between 1880-84). Thomas married in 1886 but deserted the family home and his son in 1891. He is known to have visited his cousin William in Newquay, where together they painted the Cornish scenery.

Thomas Swainson Croxford emigrated to Australia around 1900, to live in Melbourne, Victoria. In 1903 his wife was granted a divorce on the grounds of adultery and desertion. He remarried in 1906, and died in 1915. His work occasionally comes up for sale in Australian sale rooms, where it is highly regarded.



Painter of landscapes in oil





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