Tom Trythall ROWE

Tom Trythall ROWE

Rowe was a member of the inner circle of painters around Philip Wilson STEER, and had been with artist colonies at Quimperle and Pont Aven in 1883, before paying working visits to Walberswick in the mid 1880s.  At Quimperle he met Norman GARSTIN, who wrote to him in 1884 to encourage him and his close friend Arthur Alfred BURRINGTON to take a look at Newlyn; in October, Rowe arrrived but only spent a short time before departing again.  

His sending-in addresses were London (1882), Cookham Dene, Berks (1891), Rotherham, Yorks (1896) and Nottingham (1909).  His Cornish titles are primarily of St Ives.


Painter of landscapes

works and access

Works include: Street in Quimperle; Walberswick; Sunshine; A Gloucester Village

Access to work: Notts Castle (4, with the Cornish Painters)


Dudley; Dowdeswell; L (7); M; N (94); NEAC; RA (22); RBA (16); RHA (5); RI (6); ROI (18)


NEAC 1886; NottinghamSA 1886


Notts Exhibition catalogue (see Hardie 2009 for repr)

Hardie (2009) Artists in Newlyn and West Cornwall;

Johnson & Greutzner

Rezelman The Newlyn Artists

Scott [in] Newton Painting at the Edge;