Born in Oldham, Lancashire, Corser has had a long record of working at the Leach Pottery from 1966 to the present day.

After starting at the Leach Pottery as a clay mixer and packer, he went on to serve an apprenticeship at a time when Bernard LEACH was very active in the 1960s, learning greatly from both Bernard and Janet LEACH, and much from William (Bill)MARSHALL.  A key figure at the Leach Pottery in the 1980s, he carried the responsibility at the Pottery of maintanance, clay and glaze mixing, and stacking and firing the kiln as well as making his own pots. He enjoyed throwing probably more than anything else, and appreciates the alchemy of opening the kiln door after a firing to find the end results of the pottery process. 'The tactile experience of handling pots is satisfying: shape and the way the glaze feels combine to make the pot.'



works and access

Access to work: Leach Pottery, Cornwall


WCAA Founding Art Auction (Donor) Queens Hotel, Penzance, April 2004


W H Lane Auction Sale Catalogue 23 Apr 2004 (illus)

Whybrow (1985) Potters in their Place;

Whybrow (1996 revised 2006) The Leach Legacy (photo & illus)