Wilfred Muir EVANS

Wilfred Muir EVANS
fl 1887-1908

Evans was born in Richmond, Surrey, and his wife's name was Florence W Evans. It was not known until recently that he and his wife immigrated to the United States in 1909 and were resident in Manhattan, New York City in the 1910 US Census.  How long they remained before returning is not known, except that the New York port authorities have the artist arriving on the Berengeria on 10 May 1924.

Nothing is yet known about his early training. Wilfred Evans gave the following addresses for sending in work to exhibitions and galleries: Bushey, Herts (1887), Richmond, Surrey (1899), Southwold, Suffolk (1907), and London (1908). Whybrow also finds him visiting in St Ives in her initial list of artists at the Arts Club starting from 1883.

He died in Dorchester, Dorset on the 15 April, 1947 and probate was granted in the London registry on 22 October of the same year.

Recent correspondence indicates that he produced paintings subsequently used in a published book for his niece.  Further information awaited.


Portrait and figure painter, book illustrator

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