William Fishley HOLLAND

William Fishley HOLLAND

Holland exhibited in the Craft section at Newlyn in the 1926 Winter Exhibition, alongside the LAMORNA POTTERY and the LEACH Pottery. The grandson of Edwin Beer FISHLEY (1832-1912), of the Fremington Pottery (North Devon), and part of a large family of eminent potters, William worked at Fremington from 1902 until his uncles sold the famed Pottery after Edwin's death.

William then established, developed and managed a Pottery at nearby Braunton, where it is always remembered that Michael CARDEW learned to throw pots under William's tuition. When the pottery owner's fortunes collapsed, William wanted to purchase it himself, but failing this he subsequently moved in the early 1920s on to Clevedon in North Somerset where he opened his own establishment, calling it the Fishley Holland Pottery.  It unfortunately closed in 1977.


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NAG December 1926 (Craft section), 1937



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