William Mouat LOUDAN

William Mouat LOUDAN

Loudan was born in London and had a brilliant career, first at the Academy Schools and later in Paris, studying under Bouguereau. His Polperro painting 'Fish Sale' was his first major success, and was later engraved for a large illustration in the Illustrated London News. He went on to produce a series of sketches for the same publication, of life in Polperro. Loudan exhibited A Cornish Fish Market at Whitechapel's Cornish exhibition in 1902.



works and access

Works include: Oh World as God has Made it! All is Beautiful (1906); The Red Sofa (1891); The Mistletoe Bough; A Cornish Fish Market (1902)

Access to work: Leeds Musuem and City Art Gallery; Bradford Art Gallery and Museum


Whitechapel 1902



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