William PASCOE (2)

William PASCOE (2)
exh 1905-1912

An earlier William PASCOE (1), from Plymouth, is listed by Graves as painting landscapes between 1842-44 at RA, SS, and BI, however the Pascoe referred to here is mentioned by Green as a contemporary of the Welsh student Carey MORRIS, and was a pupil at the FORBES SCHOOL c1905.

Pascoe lived at 6 Wellington Terrace, Penzance. He exhibited and sold The Embroiderer at NAG in July 1906. In 1907 C Lewis Hind published Days in Cornwall (Methuen & Co) and William Pascoe provided sixteen coloured illustrations for the book with such subjects as Lanyon Quoit, Newlyn Slip, St Michael's Mount, A Night View of the Island, St Ives and Trencrom Hill. Whether or not these illustrations were reproductions of paintings for exhibition, is not known. Photographs were also provided by a number of national and locally based photographers such as Herbert LANYON (St Ives), GIBSON (Penzance) and Francis FRITH amongst others.

In the permanent collection at Falmouth Art Gallery is Portrait of a Man, attributed to William Pascoe as active 1905-1912.


Painter and illustrator of landscapes

works and access

Works include: The Embroiderer (1906); Portrait of a Man, FAMAG:1000.67

Access to works: Lewis Hind's Days in Cornwall (Methuen & Co, 1907) included sixteen coloured illustrations by Pascoe: Lanyon Quoit, Newlyn Slip, St Michael's Mount, A Night View of the Island, St Ives and Trencrom Hill;

Other illustrated works: The Tramp's Handbook (1903) by Harry Roberts

 Hungary and the Hungarians, by WBF Bovill (1908) 16 full colour illustrations



NAG July 1906; L (2); LS (3); M (1); Walker's Gallery, London (44)



misc further info

In trying to identify dates for this artist, one correspondent has also contributed the following information:

The William Pascoe I'm interested to find more about provided illustrations for a book called Hungary and the Hungarians, written by H. Forster Bovill. This book was first published in 1908. Does that help in finding the right William Pascoe?



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