William THOMAS

William THOMAS

In Part II of J C Burrow's book 'Mongst Mines and Miners (1893) there is a description of the subjects photographed by William Thomas, then Secretary to the Mining Association and Institute of Cornwall.



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Works include: photographic illustrations for JC Burrow's 'Mongst Mines and Miners or Underground Scenes by Flashlight: A Series of Photographs, with Explanatory Letterpress, Illustrating Methods of Working in Cornish Mines. Part I depicts An Account of the Photographic Experiences by JC Burrow, Photographer to HRH the Prince of Wales. Part II comprises A Description of the Subjects Photographed by William Thomas, Secretary to the Mining Association and Institute of Cornwall (with a mounted photo frontis and 26 photographic prints mounted two to a page, one folding plan and a full page diagram in the text, published in 1893.)


 Burrow 'Mongst Mines and Miners Pt II

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