Mrs Augusta Katherine Baird Smith LINDNER
nee Augusta BAIRD SMITH, aka 'Gussie'

A K Baird Smith was a signatory of the Glanville Letter of 1896 from the artists protesting the over-development of St Ives.  She had arrived in St Ives to live with her mother and step sister, Ethel KENNEDY. Both of the daughters were to meet and marry their husbands there.

'Gussie' was introduced and signed into the St Ives art colony by Julius OLSSON in 1896. She met and married Moffatt LINDNER and they had one daughter, Hope. Her portrait was painted by Philip Wilson STEER in 1900, and she was also painted by Marianne L M STOKES. A painting of her with her family, by Frances HODGKINS, is owned by the Dunedin Art Gallery in New Zealand. In the 1924 Show Day she exhibited two dainty pictures of flower vases, daffodils and other blossoms.

The couple lived at Chy-an-Porth, a large house on the terrace with views over the bay.  After her husband's death in 1949, she moved from St Ives and went to live with her daughter, Hope, first in Northamptonshire and finally in Devon.


Landscape and flower painter

works and access

Works include: Eventide, St Ives Harbour (1904); Anemones (1920); A Neglected Garden (1920) 


RA (2) 1904, 1933

St Ives July 1919, March Show Day 1920, March 1924 (pastels, etchings and aquatint)

STISA 1932, 1934, 1936 and 1937 Touring Shows


STISA 1927ff-49

misc further info

Family correspondent.


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