Elizabeth SUTCLIFFE (nee Trevor)
See also Elizabeth TREVOR

The wife of Lester SUTCLIFFE, Elizabeth was also the sister of the artist Edward TREVOR.  Bednar comments: 'Although three sources state that Lester Sutcliffe was living in Newlyn in 1887, I could find no evidence of a visit to Newlyn by Elizabeth Trevor.  They married in 1891, in Wales.'  It is nonetheless clear that her brother Edward had been to Newlyn earlier (unless this was another artist of the same name.)

A letter written by Stanhope FORBES and postmarked 20th October 1887 noted 'We were all of us round at Sutcliffe's last night.' Also, Iris Green notes that the couple lived for a brief period after their marriage in a cottage called 'The Bridge' in the centre of Newlyn village.  


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