John Noble BARLOW


The Manchester-born artist, with a father of the same name, was one of five sons and three daughters. He trained in Paris (where he also exhibited at the Salon), Belgium and Holland. At the age of 24 with the intention of furthering his artistic studies in Rhode Island he sailed to America, where he also met his future wife, Elizabeth Johnson; he took out US citizenship in 1887.  In 1891 he married Elizabeth Johnson, and the couple had two sons. The Barlows lived first at Holly Dale in Lamorna for a year, then at 9 Barnoon Terrace (1894-), Carrack Dhu (1898-) and 25, The Terrace (1901-1908) successively in St Ives (Tovey 2009, p42). 

His style was to paint atmospheric landscapes in the Barbizon tradition, and was much influenced by Corot.  He tutored many painters at Lamorna from 1893 - 1917, and partnered Louis GRIER in managing the St Ives School of Art. Amongst his pupils were Charles Walter SIMPSON and Charles Garstin COX. He continued to exhibit at the RA and the RWA till the end of his life. He died in Penzance.


Painter of landscapes, genre and coastal scenes in oils and watercolour; teacher


works and access

Works include: Autumnal Wood Scene (1884); Seascape (1884); The Estuary (1909); Morning After Rain (1893); One Summer's Night (1898); November afternoon - a country lane (1903); Lamorna Lane (1911); A Big Cloud, Moonlight - St Ives (1912); Marazion Marshes (1912); Woodland Scene (1913);  Autumn Lamorna; November afternoon (1913)

Access at RCM:  Autumnal Woodland Scene; Cliff Scene; The Estuary (1909); Woodland Scene



PS 1889-1901

RA (28) 1893-1916, 1914

NAG 1911

ROI (10)

St Ives Show Days 1909, Mar 1911, 1914, 1915

Lanham's Retrospective April 1917

 Market Hall, Penzance Spring Exhibition 1917

Porthmeor Studios Sale of Pictures 1919


STIAC 1898 (Member from 1900); RWA; RBA 1896; ROI 1916



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